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How Intimacy Makes A Man Succeed

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For real?

Out of the many wonderful things good sex does is that it helps to reduce friction in the home by reducing minor irritations. A sexually satisfied man is usually a contented man. Many a wife has commented, “My husband is easier to get along with when our sex life is what it should be.” “My husband is a different man all together when we enjoy good sex life.” And this does not affect the wife alone, even the children are able to note that daddy is a better person to relate with. And when dad and mum are passing through a sexually stressful period, you hear the children say things like: “I don’t even know what is wrong with dad these days, he gets mad at everyone over every little thing.”

Most men do not realise that some of their unexplained irritations are traceable to their unsatisfied sex drive. But from my personal experience with my husband, I know this is true, and if this is true of my husband, I know your man is definitely not an exception. Somehow, the world looks better to a man, and his difficulties shrink to life size when sexual harmony prevails in his home. It is as though his hard work and the pressures of life are worth it when he and his wife consummate their love through good sex.

Every wife must learn to look at things from her husband’s perspective to be able to understand why he must get good sex from his wife. A man believes he is sacrificing a lot in marriage. This is because, before he got married, he was so carefree and unpressured. He was free to spend the night out with the boys whenever he felt like. He was not accountable to anyone. He spent his money and time on himself whichever way he deemed fit. But all that changed the moment he got married. His carefree attitude had to be laid aside because of the increasing weight of responsibility marriage has put on him. The thought of how to provide for his home, perform his responsibilities to his wife and children, and give them a good life consistently occupies his mind. He goes to bed and wakes up every morning thinking “What must I do to be a better husband and father?” And to be able to perform these and many roles placed on him, he had to give up the luxury of his freedom.

There is nothing as rewarding to a man as the feeling of appreciation and satisfaction he gets after good sex with his wife. He doesn’t just see it as relieving his sexual pressure and performing his marital responsibility like many women choose to see it, but as a reward for his many sacrifices in the marriage. That is why he does not take kindly to his wife denying him sex because it sends the signal that his contributions and sacrifices are not being appreciated. This is the reason he will get irritated at every little mistake his wife and children make, and even when they refuse to make one, he will imagine they have made one, because he must express his inner dissatisfaction and frustration. Thus, every wife must ensure that she satisfies her husband sexually in order not only to show her appreciation of his contributions to the well being of the family, but also to create a harmonious atmosphere in the home.

Every woman needs to know that when her man is sexually dissatisfied, frustration sets in. And this does not just affect his person in the home; it affects every area of his life, even his business/work, and his relationship with other people outside his home and work place. Because he has a hard time concentrating on his life endeavour, he is prone to be edgy and harder to work with, and more importantly, finds it difficult to retain his lasting goals.

On the other hand, a sexually satisfied husband is a motivated man. He is motivated to go all the way in his business to achieve success. He refuses to waste his business day on trivialities; he wants each moment to count, and he can’t wait to get home to the wife and family who give all his hard work real purpose and meaning. As a wife, you need to know that your man will not only become a better person both in the home and in his work place when he is sexually fulfilled, but will also make him a man you can be proud of.

Let me round off this article by telling the story of these two men who had a discussion over a meal in a restaurant. The first man was commenting about his wife’s lousy housekeeping habit, but concluded that the only thing he sees in her that keeps him going is the fact that she will go to bed with him whenever he wanted. The second man simply took an enviable look at him and said, “If I had a wife like that, I’d be motivated to make enough money to hire a maid to clean the house!”

How can a woman help her husband achieve sexual fulfilment?

Be sensitive to his sexual mood and advances. Do not pretend you don’t know he wants sex.

Be ready to have sex with him on a regular basis every week.

Be considerate and caring if you need to turn down his sexual request.

Cultivate the habit of requesting for sex from him occasionally. It boosts his male ego to know that you enjoy his sexual performance.

Learn the art of love making to give him maximum sexual satisfaction. This is achievable together with him as you read books, attend marriage seminars/conferences, and discuss sexual matters together.

Make yourself sexually attractive to him.

All these will not only make him to be sexually fulfilled, but will also drive him to greater success in life. Then, you can live happily forever together.

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How Intimacy Makes A Man Succeed Reviewed by on . For real? Out of the many wonderful things good sex does is that it helps to reduce friction in the home by reducing minor irritations. A sexually satisfied man For real? Out of the many wonderful things good sex does is that it helps to reduce friction in the home by reducing minor irritations. A sexually satisfied man Rating: 0

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