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Some Actors See Me As A Rival – Destiny Etiko

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My name is Destiny Etiko. I am from Udi, Enugu State and I grew up in Enugu. I also live in Enugu. I am the third of four children. Growing up was fun. I studied Marketing at Enugu State University, and Business Administration at Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State. I gained the admission into both schools at the same time. It was not easy, but because I was mobile, I coped. I am undergoing my national youth service currently, but would be through by next February.


I used to follow my mum to auditions when I was younger, probably in Junior Secondary School 1. She was an actress. Her name is Eucharia Etiko. I played some minor roles then too. But acting always took up my mother’s time. My father asked her to stop acting and take care of the family. When I got to the university, I started attending auditions. When I told them who I was, they were all surprised that I had grown. That was how I started.

Family support

My mother loved acting, although she could not continue. When I told her about my dreams, she supported me. My father did not support it initially, but he could not do anything about it when I insisted it was what I wanted to do. He had no option when my mother convinced him and he supported my career.


Initially, it was that of going for auditions and not getting a role. Then, there were issues of sexual harassment in the industry. Also, jealousy from other actors could be a challenge. Some people would see you and believe you are their rival and that when given the opportunity, you would do better than them. They would bring you down at the initial stage for you not to be able to climb up. But when you are a strong person, you do not always see that molestation as anything and you would do things positively.


Competition is much in the industry. But I am not bothered about it. The door is open for everyone in Nollywood. It all depends on how good you are and what you can do to get to where you are going. It is an individual race. How you run it will determine how you will be favoured. I believe that if I run mine very well, I will be happy. I do not look at others acting. I only look at people who are my role models, but I do not copy them. I do not have rivals. I am focused.

Self improvement

I did not take any acting classes. But whenever I get any script, I just take it home, read and practise with the mirror. I also look at people who are higher than me in Nollywood. I do not imitate them, but I try to build myself.


Without feeling too important, I wish Nollywood could be more natural. I want to be versatile and good in whatever I am given to do. There are artistes that inspire me when I see them act. Taking Nollywood to the next level is what I have always prayed for.

Beauty routines

I have never been fat or thin; I am in-between. I do not work out, but I watch what I eat.


I am a good girl; I am always determined to get to my destiny and I work hard at it. I can be emulated. I do not look for people’s trouble and I try not to intrude on their privacy. I expect the same from people also. I am my father’s princess.


I love swimming, reading and watching movies, not just my own but every movie. I like to see the mistakes I made and try to correct them. Also, I like to cook, especially my native delicacy.


I would not want to comment on that. However, my ideal guy should be presentable, tall, God-fearing, intelligent, good-looking, but he must not have everything. He must be caring, love me and be able to take good care of me. A man who is caring should know when a lady is not happy; apologise when she is angry, buy her things she needs and make her happy.


Style is being creative and peculiar in the way you do your own things. It means looking different from every other person. My dressing depends on my mood and how I wake up and decide to dress. I am not tied to one particular dressing.

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Some Actors See Me As A Rival – Destiny Etiko Reviewed by on . Background My name is Destiny Etiko. I am from Udi, Enugu State and I grew up in Enugu. I also live in Enugu. I am the third of four children. Growing up was fu Background My name is Destiny Etiko. I am from Udi, Enugu State and I grew up in Enugu. I also live in Enugu. I am the third of four children. Growing up was fu Rating: 0

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  • peter bout

    she’s really good i like the way she performs in the movies especially the acting(mood changing) she does it well with so much confidence , i pray she continues with what she does out there; there’s a great future a head of her she can do just a lot, am impressed keep it firing…

  • Michael Uchechukwu

    I love the roles she plays in movies keep it up dear kudos

  • ugwu nkiruka

    Destiny is really good when it comes to acting,she is very social and I like her for,we were in the same department in Esut

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