Sunday , 24 March 2019

e-store (we sell everything and anything)

black bagBlack bag (available in Red And Orange): 4,000


body massager

Body massager: 3,000.00


braided leather cord wristwatch

Braided leather wristwatch: N3,000.00


curly wave hair extension 19 inCurly wave hair extension (synthetic): Sold out


diamond wristwatchDiamond crusted wristwatch for women: N3,000.00


eyebrow shaper stencilEyebrow shaper stencil:N1,000.00


false eyelashesFalse eyelashes: N1,800.00


fashion bagFashion bag: N3,500.00


lipstick and lipgloss duo

Lipstick and lipgloss duo:N1,200.00


led watchLED wristwatch for men: N10,000.00


3  wire multi bead necklace3 wired beaded jewelry: N3,000.00


5 wire sterling silver necklace

5 wired beaded necklace and bracelet:N4,000


british retro handbag

Retro bag: Sold out


skinny beltSkinny belt: N1,800.00


bp monitor

Digital blood pressure monitor: N6,000.00


fish scaler

fish scale scrapper

Fish descaler: N1,000


multi balls necklaceMulti layer beads necklace: N3,000


sterling silver necklace Sterling silver necklace and pendant: N3,000


mesh bangle

Mesh bangle: N1,500


sterling silver bracelet with charms

Sterling silver bracelet with charms: N1,500


sterling silver chain bracelet

Sterling silver chain bracelet: N1,000.00


vintage wristwatchVintage wristwatch: N3,000


gel silicon wristwatchGel silicone watch (white): N3,000.00


ladies silicone watchGel silicone ladies watch (multi colours):  N3,000.00


watch with crystal rhinestones

watch with crystal rhinestones: N3,000


fashion crystal watch fashion crystal watch: N8,000


Luxury Wristwatch goldLuxury Wristwatch gold: N10,000


Luxury Wristwatch silver Luxury Wristwatch silver: N10,000


luxury noble dance beads wristwatch

luxury noble dance beads wristwatch: N10,000


sports analogue watch sports analogue watch: N3,000



rhinestone index skeleton dial male wristwatch

Rhinestone index skeleton dial male wristwatch: N10,000.00


stainless steel watch

Stainless steel male watch: N5,000.00

fake money detector

Counterfeit detector: N5,000.00


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